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The park

Château de Pierrefonds, vue aérienne depuis le sud

Follow us in the park of the castle of Pierrefonds, ideal place to step back and stroll under hundred-year-old trees. This park of 5 hectares offers you an amazing view on the castle.

Observe the traces of the past on the castle

If you look up, you can see some 17th century cannonballs still embedded in the Charlemagne tower, the archangel Saint Michael on the roof of the chapel, or this little house at the bottom of the park whose turret alone still points to the sky.

Stroll through the wooded park

Take the time to discover this wooded park with its many species, enjoy each season and visit our pretty store with its green roof.

As you walk along the park's path, look up at this imposing fortress and discover that each tower has a niche where the statue of one of the nine Preux whose name each tower bears.

And for the more strolling ones, the small tourist train is made for you! From April 1st to October 31st, it offers you several times a day the ascent or descent of the park (up to the esplanade of the castle).

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