Make a donation for your favorite monument

Bring your stone to the building! Become a sponsor.

Support your favorite monument

By making a donation, you contribute to its development, its conservation and the attractiveness of its territory.

An advantageous tax reduction

If you are an individual, whatever the amount of your donation, 66% of the sum is deducted from your income tax (within the limit of 20% of your taxable income). For example, a donation of 100 € costs you 34 € and gives you a tax reduction of 66 €. If this reduction exceeds 20% of your taxable income, the excess can be carried forward for five years.

If you make a donation in the name of your company, whatever the amount of your donation:

- 60% of the amount is deducted from your corporate income tax, up to 2 million euros

- 40% for the fraction of payments above this amount

In accordance with the law of August 1, 2003 relating to sponsorship, associations and foundations, the amount of the tax reduction is capped at 0.5% of the turnover excluding taxes, which can be carried forward over 5 fiscal years.

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